Why I Give – Stewardship at Trinity

So here we are again at that time of year when everyone, including the church, reaches out for us to give to their cause. There are so many needs in the world. It seems as though there is never enough to meet all of those needs.

Now ask yourself a question. Do you feel like your needs are being satisfied? I used the word needs, not wants. In my own experience, there are always more wants than needs. My fears of not having enough are usually based on my wants, not my needs.

Now ask yourself a second question. How are my needs met? Who provides what I need, and many times, what I want?

The answer is simple for us, as apprentices of Jesus:

God provides.
God provides everything.
God provides everything we need.
God provides everything we need and blesses us with more than we can imagine, because He loves us.
Simple yet difficult.

We make the conscious choice to apprentice ourselves to Jesus, the Master. As apprentices, our job is to practice what the Master teaches us so that we can grow and improve our skills. That means that we grow in love for the Lord and for one another.  Jesus accepts us as His apprentices, but only when we bring our whole being to His service. He is looking into our very foundation, the core of who we are. Jesus begins His work as the Master in our hearts so it can radiate out into our whole life. Following His way changes our view of the world and our place in it. It changes how we think and act towards our brothers and sisters. It changes how we live our lives and what we value.

So, I have chosen to be an apprentice to a Master who provides for all my needs, all the time. My Master walks alongside me, teaches and helps me. He forgives and corrects my mistakes. He loves me and wants me to succeed. What He asks me to do, then, is to follow Him, where he leads and to do the work He puts in front of me. He asks me to give the best of myself.

So why do I give?

I give out of thankfulness. I give out of joy. I give out of my love for Him. I give out of my love for my brothers and sisters in the Lord and for those in need. I give because Jesus changed my heart and took away my fear.

I know that I can’t meet all the needs that are put in front of me. Only Jesus can do that. But I believe He asks me to work with Him, and give what I can of the incredible abundance He gives me. He asks me to give my time, my ability and my money for the work He brings me.

To me, that means saying yes when He asks.

Ask Jesus to show you what He wants you to give. There are many opportunities for service and support at Trinity as well as through other groups. Say yes when the opportunity is shown. This is part of your apprenticeship. Jesus has special work just for you. Let Him teach and guide you. Let Him fill you with His love. Use what He gives you to bless, to clothe, to feed, to visit, to listen, to serve, to love.

Say yes.

In Jesus Name,
Chris Woodruff, Stewardship Chair


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