A Story of Blessings – the Trips to Juarez

A Story of Blessings - the Trips to Juarez

Trinity Parish supports the mission in Juarez, Mexico, through donations of food and funds, labor and love. Ministry leader, Steve Teksten, shares news about his trips to the Juarez mission this fall…

First the trip to the mission. We arrived on Sunday, October 23, and met with Pilar and others and discussed what items they would like us to tackle. I feel strongly we should go there with the concept we need to help with their requests, and not be in a position to tell them what we think they need us to do. I had planned on building a shed to protect their firewood from snow and rain, which they had requested, but instead they asked if we could work on replacing a shelter for the animals they have at the mission. They have three donkeys, a sow and litter of pigs and many goats. The pigs and goats eat the scraps from the kitchen, such as orange rinds, etc. (this is what we did on the farm when I was young). The goats and pigs supply food for the mission.

The shed was in very poor condition, and I do not believe it would have stood another year.  We were concerned about tearing it down, but their night watchman started on it Sunday afternoon, and finished early Monday morning, cleaned up and ready for us to get started. We went to Home Depot and ordered necessary items and began building. We finished a very nice building by noon on Friday, and Mark Johnson thinks it is the nicest donkey shed in Juarez. He may be right.

Steve was unable to do much of anything due to limitations on his shoulder, but everyone worked very well together. The ladies cut firewood which is used to heat the mission, and helped with daycare, did a project with the kids, and helped with the food boxes, (really food bags) that are distributed each Friday. They also helped in the kitchen and with purchasing food at the S Mart, a large super market fairly close.

The second experience of blessing was the food and fund drive through the month of November.
Again we had a gratifying experience with Northern Colorado supporting the work of the mission, the Community Center of the Holy Spirit, in Juarez. Food such as peanut butter, canned vegetables, oatmeal, rice, powdered milk was collected at two churches, Trinity Episcopal and Our Savior’s Lutheran of Greeley. These totaled hundreds of pounds. To this was added individual gifts of 1,000 pounds of oatmeal, 1,100 pounds of dried milk, 600 pounds of beans, all given by individuals. Then local businesses such as Northern Feed and Bean donated beans, Hungenberg Produce donated carrots, and Sakata Farms donated onions. Ready Foods of Denver, which has been a faithful supporter of this effort again donated a large amount of beans and rice. The food totaled approximately 10,000 pounds, which is more than has ever been donated previously. Weld County Garage again provided a large enclosed truck to haul the food to El Paso. Front Range Roofing provided the fuel for the trip. We loaded the truck November 30, 2017, driving to El Paso on December 1, and arriving in El Paso about 9:30 pm where it was quickly unloaded. We returned at 4:30 Saturday, December 2, 2017.

But that is only part of the story. Again the total funds donated for this drive and including money sent down with the team in October was another new level, exceeding $12,000. There has been more given directly but we are not aware of the amounts. All this generosity and support is a clear sign of God’s interest in helping the mission in their work in Juarez.

The mission continues to feed more than 150 breakfast and lunch meals per day to the students and children from the day care, preschool, and older students. But their ministry has also expanded to supplying small weekly food boxes to 45 households where people are unable to get out of their homes. Caring for our less fortunate brothers and sisters truly has no boundaries. There is always someone with a greater need.

In reference to the heading at the top of this message, both of these experiences is a special blessing to us involved. We want to give a special thanks for all who supported this effort to help others. As Frank Alarcon always said, “Glory to God, Thank You Jesus.”

Steve Teksten


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