Pay Attention, Give Your Best, Bless

The first element in the Trinity Way of Life is to pay attention. This element can viewed from many different angles. On the one hand, we must pay attention to what God is calling us to do. As apprentices of Jesus, we made a commitment to participate in the building of God’s kingdom. In order to do this, we must set aside time and energy to seek Jesus and listen to what He has for us. We do not do this as an afterthought, but as the primary focus of our attention and activity.

We must also pay attention to how we use the gifts and resources God gave us to accomplish this work. We must pay attention to our physical bodies, our mental health, our lifestyles, our spiritual practices and our relationships. Our lack of attention in any of these areas may lead to problems and issues which can keep us from fully serving God and those around us.

How we pay attention in using the gifts and resources given to us by God is also central to our lives as apprentices. We give God the first fruits and the choicest offerings we can make. We give our best, not our leftovers.
Our commitment to Jesus means that we place our relationship with Him first in our lives, and designate the best of what we have to give to Him. We must pay attention to this relationship so that it does not fall to second or third in our lives.

We devote our energy and resources to the things we value and find important. By paying attention to Jesus and His love for us, we can make sure that we are ready and able to do the work He has given us to do and can give generously and cheerfully.

So pray, seek time with Jesus, listen, and offer the best of who you are to God. Let Him bless you, so you can be a blessing to others around you.

Jesus, help us to focus our attention on You, and what You have for us. Make us mindful of Your generous provision, the call you have made on our lives, and give us the grace to give back from all that You have gifted to us. Thank you for Your love. Help us to love others in the same way.

God bless you… Chris Woodruff, Stewardship Committee


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