Congregational Leadership

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The Vestry is the governing body of our Church. The basic responsibilities of the Vestry are to define and support the mission of the parish, to advise the rector in his role as chief office of the parish, to oversee parish activities and finances, manage parish finances and to select the rector, as necessary.

The Trinity Vestry has adopted some unique and beneficial practices.  For instance, at Trinity, Vestry members are not elected, but are selected by drawing names out of a hat, a method that allows God to control the outcome.  Before each meeting the Vestry meets around the altar, to fulfill their responsibility to support the parish in prayer.  In addition, at the beginning of their meetings, the Vestry covenant is read, reminding each member of agreements that ensure open communication and focus on Christ in all decisions.

We hope you get to know each Vestry member and feel free to express your thoughts and opinions to them as we work together for the good of the church.

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Chris Woodruff
Senior Warden
Responsible for working with
the rector to ensure effective
parish administration.

Ron Gallegos
Junior Warden
Responsible for oversight
of the parish buildings
and facilities.

Andrew Romero
Serves as Chairman of the
Finance Committee and is responsible
for oversight of parish finances. 

Karoline Woodruff
Clerk of the Vestry
Responsible to maintain
official record of 
Vestry meetings.

Janet Bedingfield
(2015 – 2018)

Ray Quick
(2016 – 2019)

Mike Sturm
(2017 – 2020)

Ron Budzitowski
(2016 – 2019)

Barb Rhine
(2015 – 2018)

Jill Trotter
(2017 – 2020)

John Lowe
(2016 – 2019)

Patricia Streeter

Donna Wood
(2016 – 2019)