Music Ministries

Trinity has a long history of using beautiful music to add to our worship services. Several musical groups have been active recently, including our vocal choir, family choir, hand bell choir and a praise instrumental group. We include a wide range of music in our services from the great classics of hymnody to more contemporary Christian worship music.

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The Trinity Casavant Organ

It was 50 years ago this year that Trinity Episcopal Church members first heard their new organ, built by Casavant Freres organ builders in Quebec, Canada.  The full organ was completed several years later and was dedicated on Sunday, April 24, 1974 by Fr. C. Norman Middleton.

Trinity’s organ consists of 3 manuals (keyboards), 4 dvisions (Swell, Great, Choir and Pedal), 32 stops, and 43 ranks of pipes, ranging in speaking length from 16 feet to less than 1/2 inch.  It is made up of a total of 2292 pipes.  There are 61 notes per keyboard and a 32-note pedal board.  Originally purchased at a cost of $36,960, the replacement value of Trinity’s organ is nearly $1 million.