Worship and Welcome Ministry

Each Sunday, many parishioners serve in various ministry roles to provide welcome and fellowship for visitors and church members, as well as preparing for and assisting in the liturgy.  Each of these ministries is vital to our experience of worship and fellowship on Sunday mornings.

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Vergers, Acolytes, Chalice Bearers, and Lectors

Vergers, Acolytes, chalice ministers and lectors are the most visible members of lay ministry in the church.

Vergers provide logistical support on the day of service, allowing the priest more time for pastoral and sacramental responsibilities. The Verger works with the rector to ensure that any special service needs are met and that the service flow is seamless and grace-filled. The Verger wears vestments and leads the procession, but should be able to fill any lay position if needed, from usher to lector to acolyte to chalice bearer.

Acolyte means “one who serves”.  From the earliest days, the duties of the acolytes have included lighting and extinguishing candles, carrying cross and candles in procession, taking charge of the alms basin, and helping the priest prepare for the Eucharist.

Chalice ministers are licensed by the Bishop of the Diocese to assist during the administration of the Holy Communion by serving the chalice to the communicants at the altar rail. The person assigned this duty wears vestments and participates in the processions at the start and end of the service.

Lector is the title given to those proclaim the Word of God by reading the Old Testament and Epistle lessons, as well as the Prayers of the People.  Cantors are lectors that lead the congregation in reading the appointed Psalm.  Lectors are scheduled to serve at Sunday morning services as well as any special services throughout the year.

Altar Guild

The Trinity Altar Guild is a group of men and women  whose ministry is to care for the altar, vestments, vessels, and altar linens of the parish. Altar Guild members prepare the sanctuary for services, and clean up afterwards. Altar Guild members frequently supervise the decoration of the sanctuary of the parish for special services, such as Christmas and Easter.

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Ushers, Greeters, and Coffee Hosts

Ushers, Greeters and Coffee Hosts are the face of the parish for our visitors, and they are a valuable part of our lay ministry team.

Ushers distribute bulletins before the service, process the sacred elements forward for communion, collect the offertory, and provide assistance to visitors and parishioners during the service.

Greeters are a vital part of the Newcomer & Visitor Ministry. These volunteers greet those as they come to the 9:00 and 11:30 a.m. services as well as after each service on Sunday mornings. We are hopeful and intentional about making everyone welcome at All Saints’, and welcome ideas for doing that.

Coffee Hosts are also an important part of our lay hospitality ministry who provide refreshments, and serve for the coffee hour that follows each Sunday service, allowing conversation and fellowship for visitors and parishioners.