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Each week, Trinity Episcopal Church offers four opportunities to celebrate the Eucharist.

Sunday Services:

8:00 AM Eucharist: Using “Rite 1” from the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), this service uses traditional language and includes limited music.  It is quiet, but still joy-filled.

10:30 AM Eucharist:  This service uses “Rite 2” from the BCP, which uses more contemporary language.  A more energetic service, it is great for families. Children participate in parts of this service and can also attend Church School during the readings and the sermon. In addition, this service includes music, such as hymns, songs, and anthems.

Mid-week Services:

6:30 AM Wednesdays: This small, quiet Eucharist service takes place in Ascension Chapel on the west side of our building.  It’s a great way to mark the mid-point of the week and still get to work on time.

9:00 AM Thursdays: This Eucharist service, also held in Ascension Chapel, includes prayers for healing. Join us as we pray for God’s healing touch for ourselves or others.